1. Deng Yong Peng
    Changsha, China
  2. 48v
    成都市, China
  3. Muggle
    Zhangjiajie, China
  4. saisa
    Tokyo, Japan
  5. Shekhinah
    Beijing, China
  6. Summer Fades Away
    Changsha, China
  7. Amber
    Xi'An, China
  8. pentatonic
    Beijing, China
  9. Hualun
    北京市, China
  10. oNEwAY
    Kunming, China
  11. Sparrow
    北京市, China


1724 Records 北京市, China

Founded in June 2006, 1724 Records is located in Beijing, is a mini label focusing on spreading indie music,especially post-rock/ambient music.
Contact us by mail to info@1724records.com

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